ATV Maintenance and Assembly

At Youth 4 Moto, we highly advocate for keeping your ATV maintenance and assembly on point throughout the year. Several steps are necessary to help preserve the life of your off-road sports vehicle. We provide all of the necessary manuals, instructional videos, and a maintenance checklist to ensure you stay on top of your vehicle’s upkeep. In general, regular upkeep can help you avoid costly repairs and prevent unsafe incidents from occurring. Not only do we want you to have fun, but we want to ensure you save money and stay safe in the process.

Always Check Your Manufacturer’s Manual – This is an essential step to ensure you inspect everything necessary, including collecting the right replacements for fluids and parts. Your manual is your number one resource for directing you how you should run and maintain your motorsports vehicle.

Check Your Fluids – Oil is typically the first one on the list. Regular oil maintenance will prevent erosion and wear and tear on your engine. In addition to your oil, make sure to also inspect your brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluids.

Inspect All Vehicle Parts – Start by checking your carburetor and injectors to ensure they aren’t dirty. Next, inspect all belts and hoses to make sure nothing is peeled or cracked and that there are no loose fittings. The next step required for proper ATV maintenance and assembly is to evaluate the condition of your spark plugs. Make sure to clean or replace them when necessary. The final step is to check your tire pressure, all panels and fittings, and your battery. Once you’ve gone down this list, you’re clear to ride!

Seasonal Maintenance

During normal seasons when your vehicle is in use, just make sure to stay on top of fluids and all working parts. During the winter months, however, you need to winterize your motorsports vehicle. For further information on maintaining your vehicle, refer to our thorough maintenance checklist. For instructional video assembly walkthroughs, visit our assembly videos page.

If you have any questions about ATV maintenance and assembly, feel free to contact our team anytime; we’ll help you through the process.

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